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2018 Port to Pub - Live Tracker

The 2018 Port to Pub swim from Leighton Beach to Rottnest Island will be held on Sat. 17 March.

We wish the following Mannas (& friends) doing solos, duos and teams have a great day:



Barb Pellick Should be crossing number 29 for Barb and the 1st swimmer to cross with Ross River Virus


Wendy Kennedy

Should have no problems, given she swam most of the way to Rotto two weeks ago


Glenda Hurtado Going again, just to give that shark a piece of her mind



Sore Shoulder Sisters - Ingrid Van Der Wel & Lyle Kildea Fast & Faster - should be in the money


2 Good Shoulders - Steve Ferguson & Joel Lewis First timers and very excited 251

Weedy Seadragons - Sue Johnston & Guy Boyce Guy's first crossing, couldn't get a better partner.



Tri 2 Swim - Cathy & Ken Isbister with Mari Turner & Paul Taylor Have put in the training and it shows


Doddi's Dazzlers - Collen Wray & sister Kerry Allen, Narelle Gilmore and Debbie Brown.

Aptly named, good looking team that swim like fish

If you have an iphone or ipad (not android device) you can keep track of our swimmer's progress during the crossing by clicking and downloading the Port to Pub Tracker app . Follow the instructions to download the app to your device, then enter the swimmer's numbers (see above) as "favourites" and hey presto the location of the swimmer's phone will appear on the map.

Swimmers please make sure someone on each team has downloaded the app onto their iphone and entered and shared their details. Of course, this is not of any use if their phone is not on the boat and the boat is not near the swimmer!

As with the recent Rottnest Channel Swim, you might like to join the large contingent of Club members supporting the swimmers at the start line and catching the ferry to be there to welcome them at the finish line. Not to forget the chance to celebrate together after the race!

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