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2018 Rockingham Ocean Classic & State Swim

The inaugral 2018 Rockingham Ocean Classic combining the LiveLighter MSWA 2km State Swim was held on a beautiful sunny autumn morning on the 3 March. The assembled Mandurah Mannas team numbered 24 supremely fit swimmers and 7 amazing volunteers (most of which are in the photo above), not to forget the fantastic entourage of supporters and fans.

Well done to Rockingham Masters and Pres. Erica for organising such a great event at what must be one of the best swimming venues in the State.

In the 2km State Swim, Mandurah was represented by 23 swimmers and won the Handicap Award. The first Female Manna out of the water was Rebekah in 28:03.3 and Steve F was the first male Manna out of the water in a more sedate 33:33.7. In the 4km swim, Glenda was the first female out of the water in a very respectable 1:19:01.3. Not to forget our amazing Ingrid and Craig who both were swimming for Rockingham. Ingrid won the 4km swim in a lazy 57:28.5 and FOS (I cant swim) Craig was the first male out of the water in the 1km swim after only 19:38.9 of swimming. Well done everyone!

The following table lists Mandurah Results sorted on swim time.

Congratulations to Age Group winners: 18-24 Rebekah, 45-49 Rhiannon, 55-59 Sue J, and 65-69 Jenny C. Come on fellas, we need to lift our game!!

The following table list Mandurah Results sorted on Age Group performance:

For the full results Click Here.

Next open water event is the Coogee Jetty to Jetty on 11 March.

See you at training!

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