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2018 Rottnest Channel Swim Results

This year we had a record number of swimmers from Mandurah (including Mannas & friends) attempting the crossing to Rotto and not to forget all those volunteering as support crew or just being there to support the swimmers at the start and finish.

Congratulations to soloists Tessa, Cara, Jodi, Kerri, Caelyn & Julia, as well as duo Jeannette and Tanya together with Simon's team for dodgying the sharks and making successful crossings.

Commiseration to solos Glenda and Wayne who were among hundred's of swimmers ordered from the water between the 11 to 13 km mark due to a shark sighting. Unfortunately, the team of Paul, Greg, Ray and Kate (Paul's daughter) also suffered the same fate. All were swimming strongly at the time and were on track for a successful crossing, but that's open water swimming!

Not only were conditions conducive to shark sightings, but also to a fast crossing and severe sea sickness. A strong 20 to 30 knot easterly wind assisted 1st placed Soloman Wright to set a time of 3hrs 59mins 28sec and break the record of 4hrs 15sec set by Mark Saliba in 2000.

Thank you to Ivan for the following summary of the Mandurah participants:

Swimmer(s) Time Overall Position Category position Team Name

Tessa Viljoen 5:11.25 32 13

Cara Viljoen 5:11.27 33 14

Jodi O'Connor 5:25.34 62 24

Kerri Williamson 6:40.51 223 92

Caelan Hurley 6:58.06 262 158

Julia Norris 7:25.37 295 122

Glenda Hurtado DNF

Wayne Cable DNF

Duo Jeannette & Tanya 6:29.45 135 1 "Windswept"

Duo Paul and Mari DNF "Tri 2 Swim"

Greg, Paul, Ray & Katie DNF "Sultans of Swim"

Simon Lyons, Greg Flyn, Gary Foale, Grant Johnson 5:49.04 "The Cobblers Crew"

The full results of the race can be found if you Click Here.

More photos to follow soon.

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