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President's Prattle - Australia Day

Well what a fantastic day for the Club this year’s Australia Day Open Water Swim proved to be. When I arrived just after 6.00 am there was already a team of worker-bees in action. There seems to be a known rhythm to the day now. Shade shelters were going up, the registration desks organised, the beach set up being looked after and the kitchen getting ready. Each area had plenty of willing helpers who were following instructions and making “it” happen.

Well done to the organising committee, headed by Steve Fergy and Wayne, the thought put in by this group, which has met regularly, really paid off on the day.

Once again, Pauline and her team had the registration desks run like clockwork to easily manage the increased entry number. I think we received just shy of 230 entries which is a new high, and a long way ahead of the 96 entries for one of the early ‘canal’ swims. Congratulations to the committee on all improvements….this was our best yet.

Ray and Wayne ensured the set-up at the yacht club was well organised, with plenty of helpers. It certainly looked a treat when filled with swimmers. A huge thanks to Rod and his singing for once again making the start feel like an Australia Day celebration.

Joel, Gerry, Graham and others did a great job of setting up a more complex beach arrangement in a new site….It looked terrific and I am sure made the competitors and spectators enjoy things all the more.

Barb, Deb and the kitchen team cranked out a heap of delicious “Egg and Bacons” in what was a very slick operation.

Thanks Barb Pellick for giving the awards a professional air of celebrity!! Well done Karen and Hazel for keeping order to the award presentations.

Well done Des for again giving your time as part of the referee panel…an often thankless, but important role.

Ethan, Craig and Erica, your positioning of the course markers was spot on…we owe you one Erica, and hopefully will repay on March 3rd!!

How good was the large group of members who ensured that the packing up and clean-up was completed without fuss. Seeing a couple of dozen members in the shade shelter when all was finished, just basking in the day’s glory and not wanting it to end. This was a top moment!!

Once again, well done Mandurah Masters, you proved again what a terrific club this is!!

Best wishes, Well done, and now for our Club Challenge Pool event on March 25th

Steve C

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