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2017 Doddi's Dash/Christmas Picnic Wrap up!

The 2017 Doddi's Dash was held last weekend in conjunction with our Christmas Picnic and what a fantastic day it was. Ostensibly, there were 3 events in the day, namely: Fashion Parade, Doddi's Dash and Club Christmas Picnic.

Fashion Parade

Registrations kicked off at 9:30am with the Fashion Parade following shortly thereafter. Fashion twins Helen and Kirk introduced one unique and original fashion creation after the other. The fashion parade has taken on a life of its own and, if it hasn't already, may soon exceed the popularity of the Dash. Congratulations goes to the winners of the following prizes and awards:

First Place - Stinger - Jane Thomas

Second Place - Jonathan Livingstone - Sue Mc

Third Place - Manna Crab - Karen

Best Walk - Miss Doddies Dash - Deb Bloor

Best Smile - Maid of Hearts - Deb Brown

Best Hottie - Dinosaur - Tess

Best International - Tou Can - Gerda

Best Male Performance - Pirate Cross Bones - Simon

Best Female Performance - Mrs. Claus - John

What were you thinking award - Saphires - Greg, Hazel, Jen and Steve

What were you thinking award - Elf on the Shelf - Ken Isbister

Click here to see Ivan's photos of the fashion parade.

Doddi's Dash

A classy field of 44 swimmers lined up for the 2017 Doddi's Dash. Unfortunately, the late change of date meant another 10 or more swimmers couldn't make it. Wow, maybe next year we can get more than 60 swimmers in the water! It was especially pleasing to see new members and those who prefer the pool enjoying swimming in open water.

This year's course was slightly longer than last year, with Course Officer John, throwing in a short traverse over the reef just to keep things interesting. Congratulations to the winners of the following prizes and awards:

First Place - Barb Pellick Perpetual "Golden Goggles" Trophy - Steve Crake

Equal Second Place - Anne Marie Kerr and Jenny Crake

Third Place - Sue Johnston

Most Improved - Greg Cockram

Frisbee Awards - 5 Fastest - Simon Lyons, Jennifer Rollin-Busby, Sue Johnston, Wendy Kennedy and Barb Pellick

Christmas Picnic

After the Dash, a very large contingent of members and their families came together to share and enjoy a Christmas picnic lunch under the trees at the western end of Doddi's Beach. The salads everyone brought to share were amazing, with many recipes requested. Prize winners were announced between courses, followed by Santa's arrival and presents distributed based on date of birth order.

For most the day wound up about 3:00 pm; however, a few showed exceptional social endurance and stayed for the rest of the afternoon and shared an evening meal of fish & chips washed down with a wine or two.

Click Here to see Ivan's photos of the picnic.

Thank you

First, a big thank you to everyone who happily parted with $10 donation for the Peel Community Kitchen to help those in need. A special thank you to those who parted with $10 and for one reason or another didn't get to swim and others who just wanted to make a donation. We exceeded last year's total in raising over $500, which was fantastic!

A special thanks also goes to our prize sponsors, including: Cook's Kitchen, Alcoa, newseXpress Silver Sands, Mercer Mooney, Dan Murphy's, Halls Head Dental Centre and Crake Family to name but a few.

Finally, I would like to thank the 18 or so members who volunteered to undertake all the jobs that allow the rest of us to enjoy such a fantastic day.

While it's swimming that brings us together, it's fun and friendship that makes this such a great Club!

Plans are already underway to make the 2018 Doddi's Dash even more fun and friendly! So if you haven't already renew your membership and prepare yourself for even more fun and friendship in 2018!

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