2017 Doddi's Dash - Form Guide Ver 6.1

2016 Doddi's Dash!

The count down continues, with 1 sleep to go before the 2017 Mandurah Masters Doddi's Dash on Sun 10 December. The weather forecast is for a flat track, which will benefit those who have been training at the pool over those who train at Doddi's.

Handicappers met last night to go over their bank statements before adjusting the handicaps for the field. Needless to say, promised gratuities have been few and far between with handicaps adjusted accordingly.

Handicapping such a sneaky mob has proven very difficult given the amount of covert training, drug taking and extreme tanking that is taking place. Nevertheless, our spys have identified those who are in form, who if also happen to have short arms and deep pockets have been given some harsh treatment.

The latest updated form guide sees a classy field of 44 taking shape. Although we have had some scratchings, there are several new entries. As usual, handicaps remain subject to market fluctuations and do not bear any relationship to swimming ability. It is not too late to invest in a better handicap!

2017 Doddi's Dash - Updated Handicaps and Form Guide Version 6.1

Track: Wet, Warm, Flat & Salty

1 Neil Aitken - 0:00 - 100-1

Has shamelessly demonstrated some of the most blatant tanking witnessed in many years. Will lead the field, but for how long?

2 Gerry Green - 0:50 - 100-1 Normally, races one out and one back from Neil, but was spotted showing him clean pair of heels when he thought no one was looking.

3 Jan Boddy - 1:00 - 100-1 Has resorted to self harm as a form of tanking, but may have over done it!

4 Marta Daniel - 1:30 - 100-1 Taking her swimming seriously. Has proven herself in all conditions as a result of training with every coach in the Peel region!

5 Michelle Marinovich - 1:40 - 100-1 Swims for show but races dough! Could be in line for a top prize like free tickets for a show ride.

6 Mandy Kelly - 2:30 - 100-1 Training the house down between Ambulance rides!