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2017 Melville LLCC Results

Mandurah Mannas had 12 swimmers venture to the Melville Club meet with 6 males and 6 females participating. They all swam creditably with Mandurah finishing a close third behind Melville and Claremont, in doing so beating the other 14 clubs represented. Ever reliable Pauline Wingate along with Anwar and Head Coach Mike all won their three nominated events. Simon Lyons won both events he nominated for, which included a comprehensive win over younger competitors in the 100m Fly with the fastest time for the day in that event of 1.16.09. Heather Newcombe-Virgil and Coach John Cahill won 2 of their 3 and each placed in the third. The relays were a highlight. Our Club was represented by two Medley teams, one women’s and one men’s. Lyn McPhail, Annette Newcombe, Heather Newcombe-Virgil and Pauline Wingate finished a very creditable and fast finishing second, whilst Richard Fox, Mike Bennett, Simon Lyons and John Cahill comprehensibly won their event. Coach John was ‘cocky enough’ to claim he could have swum his leg in his board shorts and still won (he was given that big a lead by his team mates). Head Coach Mike's claim to fame for the day is that he finally beat Graham Senders from Claremont Club in the 50m Breaststroke for the first time in 5 years.

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