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Doddi's Dash postponed until 10 Dec

In the rush to get everything organised for this weekend's Doddi's Dash, I am sorry but I forgot to place an order for fine weather! Apparently, someone else ordered a winter storm for Friday night, which will carry over to Saturday morning with 90% chance of rain and a possible thunderstorm.

Obviously, swimming in storm conditions would not be a problem for any Mannas, but unfortunately the forecast rain is not conducive to a fashion parade and BBQ, as nobody enjoys having a wet fascinator!

After extensive consultation, the favoured option is postponing Doddi's Dash to 10 Dec; i.e. the same day as our Christmas Picnic. Obviously, this may be a problem for some, so for those people please accept our apology. On the other hand, hopefully some of those who could not make it this weekend, can swim on 10 Dec.

More details on how Doddi's Dash and the Christmas Picnic will be integrated will be sent out in the next week or so. So stay tuned.

Needless, to say it will be Christmas Picnic with double the fun!

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