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Lock in the 10th of December for the Mannas Christmas Picnic

Doesn't Christmas come around quickly! It just seems like a few months ago we were celebrating Christmas at the Quindanning Inne.

Nevertheless, on Sunday 10 December, we will have the Mandurah Mannas Christmas Picnic at Doddi's Beach Foreshore. The plan is to meet for a BBQ lunch at 12:00 noon, but not at the club rooms, rather further west on the grassed area adjacent to the Roberts Point Car Park.

If inclined, please feel free to join some of us who are going down for a pre-lunch "backwards" swim from about 10:00 am onward. "Backwards" means we will be swimming Reef to Groyne and back again - just like the old days!

Please bring your own tables, chairs, BBQ meat, drinks and nibbles, as well as a salad to share. The Club will provide sweets and ice creams. There will be Gazebos set up to provide some additional shade.

Santa's helpers Glenda, Helen and Ann will organise some crazy picnic games for us all to embarass ourselves. While you are at it please feel free to wear your favourite Christmas costume or colourful decorations!

With a bit of luck, Father Christmas will be on hand to pass out presents. Each person should bring a present to the value of $5:00 for Father Christmas's sack.

I am sure this will be a great day to chill out for the afternoon and enjoy some FUN AND FRIENDSHIP with your fellow Mannas.

See you there!

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