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November Birthdays!

Organise your Jenny Craig membership for next month, because this is a hectic month that is all about birthday cakes with thirteen Manna birthdays to help celebrate.

To those having birthdays, we recommend you all:

"get a little untidy celebrating the day you were born!"

First off the blocks this month is Ian on the 2nd, followed by Cathy on the 9th, Brett on the 10th (Orange cake?) and Robert is next on the 15th.

Doddi's Dash on the 18th coincides with a trio of birthdays, namely: Glenda, James and Lindsay. That will be huge!!

Jeff is next on the 20th and then a duo of Kirk and Bev on the 22nd. The month finishes with a trifecta of Sue G, Jannie and Gerda on the 23rd.

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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