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Ken's Beachside Farewell

This morning's Beachside Farewell to the life of our friend and club stalwart Ken Phillips was a very special moment. With Ken looking down on a magnificent sunny spring morning, a large contingent of Mannas and friends assembled at Doddi's Beach to say goodbye. Thank you to Ken's son Tom and wife Gerda for coming down to share this special moment with us at such a difficult time.

Starting precisely on time (as Ken always insisted we do), President Steve Crake spoke warmly of Ken's friendship, achievements and awards. Steve also touched on some of the numerous contributions Ken made to our Club and the wider swimming community. Ken was not only a good friend, swimming buddy, and competitor, but also an outstanding club man, volunteer official and mentor. (For more information, you might like to visit to Ken's Get Inspired webpage).

The group then moved down on to the beach and into the water, where they linked arms to form a large circle before observing a minute's silence, scattering petals on the water and belting out a resounding three cheers to a life well lived!

Those up for a swim performed our time honoured ritual of swimming up to the Reef and back to Groyne, of course stopping for chat at either end. As the photos show, many members made an extra special effort to take part in this swim, including some faces rarely seen in salt water (especially this time of year). Special mention must go to Barb who has a broken ankle and needed to be helped, somewhat ungainly, to and from water.

Back on shore, everyone changed and assembled under the shade of the "Clubroom Tree". Sue and Deborah spoke fondly of Ken and led us in a champagne toast to celebrate Ken's life. After which, we mingled sharing and laughing at stories of the good times, as well as shedding a tear or two thinking about those cherished moments, we all had with Ken.

RIP Ken Philllips

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