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2017 Doddi's Dash - Form Guide Ver 2

With only six weeks to go entries for the 2017 Mandurah Masters Doddi's Dash are flooding in and organisers may have to look at limiting numbers, particularly for the fashion parade. So get in quick!

Among the entries received so far are a few swimmers who did not compete last year or are competing this year while still recovering from injury. In addition, some recent tanking has caught the handicappers attention. Accordingly, handicaps remain very fluid with some updating of the form guide and handicaps proving necessary:

2017 Doddi's Dash - Preliminary Handicaps and Form Guide Version 2

Track: Wet, Cold, Bumpy & Salty

1 Neil Aitken - 0:00 - 100-1

First run in this event. Stablemate of Gerry, trains regularly, will take some catching on this handicap, those in the know suspect is that he is tanking to boost odds

2 Michelle Marinovich - 2:50 - 100-1 Yet to race this season, under raced mare from the BP stable where she is performing well in track work

3 Jan Boddy - 3:05 - 100-1

Perky mare, injured in an off-track fall, but back in harness, connections insist she is a starter, the Vet not so sure

4 Greg Cockram - 4:05 - 100-1

Will attract money if this handicap remains. Plans to race full time on hold - again!

5 Pauline Wingate - 4:05 - 100-1

Champion mare, proven performer even though recent form only on short flat heated tracks

6 Mandy Kelly - 4:20 - 100-1

First run in this event. Lightly raced mare, part of the MB stables where she trains well, but may struggle on bumpy track

7 Ann Ferguson - 4:20 - 100-1

Raced well in Greece, despite not being seen at the training track. Well supported in the betting by grandchildren

8 Cathy Isbister - 4:30 - 100-1

Well trained and another from the BP stable that will attract money with this handicap

9 Sue McDonald - 5:25 - 100-1

Raced and danced well in Greece

10 Linda Ray - 6:00 - 100-1

Could be in the money, if prevented from pulling out part way

11 Deb Bloor - 6:00 - 100-1

Odds on favourite for fashion prize, recent Greece form will see this mare racing in better company

12 Jane Thomas - 6:25 - 100-1

Showing the benefit of new training regime, could be a smokey if not swimming backstroke.

13 Helen Cahill - 6:50 - 100-1

May race or May not race - depends on the day, did not remain on previous handicap for long given the improvement shown since last season and joining BP stables

14 Deb Brown - 6:55 - 100-1

Still in a spin after Greece carnival, where her form was better off track than on

15 David Ralph - 7:30 - 100-1

Interrupted preparation, recent overseas form unknown, has been seen recently walking the course

16 Brett Johnston - 7:30 - 100-1

Racing regularly, worth a flutter (oranges not accepted for bribes!)

17 Rod Baker - 7:50 - 100-1

Spending too much time at stud to be a serious contender

18 Paul Jacklin - 8:30 - 100-1

Can be disruptive in the stalls, serious contender

19 Susan Giles - 8:35 -100-1

Raced lightly, distance will suit, recent form suggests she may need to see the whip to get her best

20 Jenny Crake - 8:45 - 100-1

Stablemate of Steve Crake, however this should not influence betting

21 Wayne (Spud) Hurtado - 8:45 - 100-1

First run in this event. Untrained and badly behaved gelding, recently banned from racing in Greece, Spain, Ireland and UK

22 Narelle Gillmore - 8:45 - 100-1

Well trained and behaved mare, darling of the MB and BP stables, Greece form would suggest she could feature

23 Ken Isbister - 8:50 - 100-1

Another from the BP stable, recent track work has not escaped the eye of the handicapper, still a big chance

24 Trevor Atkinson - 9:00 - 100-1

Always last into the stalls, back from injury and well rested, one to watch if focused

25 Colleen Wray - 9:05 - 100-1

Penalised heavily after running 2nd last year, but this should not be a problem given recent form

26 Peter King - 9:15 - 100-1

Last year's winner, may struggle with this handicap unless a similar investment is made this year

27 Wayne Cable - 10:00 - 100-1

Better over a longer distance, since started listening to trainer form improving but too much night racing may effect day time performance

28 Hazel Cockram - 10:10 - 100-1

Yet to capture last year's form, runs well on two legs. Handicappers nightmare

29 Ray Reynolds - 10:25 - 100-1

Fresh from racing over east but recent form unknown, could be a dark horse

30 Steve Crake - 10:45 - 100-1

Recent results in Greece all drug effected and should disregarded, Novelty bet!

31 Glenda Hurtado - 11:05 - 100-1

Recent form would suggest she should be drinking in better company

32 Mike Bennett - 11:25 - 100-1

Not often seen in this company, last year's run underwhelming but may improve if allowed to change strokes

33 Craig Stanford -11:50 - 100-1

First run in this event. Stablemate of Erica, young colt with impressive 1st up performances, no one believes talk of poor track form

34 Joel Lewis - 12:20 - 100-1

Did not race in winter carnival, recovering from fetlock injury, improving but yet to regain last years form, eased in the betting

35 John Cahill - 12:45 - 100-1

Fresh back from racing in Ireland, possibly over-raced and under-trained

36 Jennifer Rollin-Busby - 13:10 - 100-1

Head strong filly, possibly over-trained and under-raced. Planning to race butterfly!

37 Barb Pellick - 14:00 - 100-1

Spending more time in the vet surgery than on the track, not to be underestimated

38 Susan Johnston - 14:00 - 100-1

Has benefited from not racing overseas this year and having a full preparation, could feature.

39 Erica Thomas - 14:40 - 100-1

Stablemate of Craig, recent track work has suffered due to off track distractions. Owners gamble on foreleg operation rather than glue factory may yet pay off!

40 Ingrid van der Wel - 15:50 - 100-1

Stablemate of Erica, capable of racing 4 wide and still being there at the finish. Favourite for fashion parade and dash double, but may get bored waiting to start.

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