2017 Doddi's Dash - Form Guide Ver 2

With only six weeks to go entries for the 2017 Mandurah Masters Doddi's Dash are flooding in and organisers may have to look at limiting numbers, particularly for the fashion parade. So get in quick!

Among the entries received so far are a few swimmers who did not compete last year or are competing this year while still recovering from injury. In addition, some recent tanking has caught the handicappers attention. Accordingly, handicaps remain very fluid with some updating of the form guide and handicaps proving necessary:

2017 Doddi's Dash - Preliminary Handicaps and Form Guide Version 2

Track: Wet, Cold, Bumpy & Salty

1 Neil Aitken - 0:00 - 100-1

First run in this event. Stablemate of Gerry, trains regularly, will take some catching on this handicap, those in the know suspect is that he is tanking to boost odds

2 Michelle Marinovich - 2:50 - 100-1 Yet to race this season, under raced mare from the BP stable where she is performing well in track work

3 Jan Boddy - 3:05 - 100-1

Perky mare, injured in an off-track fall, but back in harness, connections insist she is a starter, the Vet not so sure

4 Greg Cockram - 4:05 - 100-1

Will attract money if this handicap remains. Plans to race full time on hold - again!

5 Pauline Wingate - 4:05 - 100-1

Champion mare, proven performer even though recent form only on short flat heated tracks

6 Mandy Kelly - 4:20 - 100-1

First run in this event. Lightly raced mare, part of the MB stables where she trains well, but may struggle on bumpy track

7 Ann Ferguson - 4:20 - 100-1

Raced well in Greece, despite not being seen at the training track. Well supported in the betting by grandchildren

8 Cathy Isbister - 4:30 - 100-1

Well trained and another from the BP stable that will attract money with this handicap