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2018 Mandurah Masters Australia Day Swim

Planning is well underway for the 2018 Mandurah Masters Australia Day Swim to be held on Friday 26 January 2018 at Doddi's Beach, Halls Head Parade, Halls Head.

Similar to last year, the event offers the choice of three swim distances:

  • A 1 km solo swim, which is open to all swimmers from 10 years up

  • A 2 km solo swim, which is open to all swimmers from 11 years up

  • A 4 km solo swim, which is open to all swimmers from 12 years up

This year will see some exciting changes aimed at improving the swimmer experience, including a simpler course that starts and finishes on the west side of the Groyne at Doddi's Beach! Stay tuned for more on this.

Needless to say, the Australia Day Swim Committee has been working hard and it is great to see so many volunteers joining the Committee to share the load and take up the baton carried for so many years by the same familiar faces. However, this year we actually need one more person to volunteer to be the Kitchen Coordinator. Deb Brown needs a rest and she deserves a swim after so many years running the Kitchen.

The role is not onerous. Primarily, it involves planning and purchasing the food and drink, as well as for Race Day assembling and managing a crack Kitchen team. Deb is more than happy to work hand-in-hand in the lead up to the swim with whomever might be willing to volunteer.

Now I am not wanting to belittle Deb's abilities or her good work and it is well known in swimming circles that when it comes to Bacon and Egg Burgers Deb has set the bar quite high - But - we are desperate and, in reality, the candidate we looking for doesn't have to be a member or a female and need not have two arms and two legs. For that matter, you don't even need to be able to cook!

If you or anyone you know, fills this strict criteria, please let us know by contacting Steve (0414 359 402) or Deb (0448 535 755).

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