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More Volunteers needed for Beach Clean-up on 15 Oct

A further reminder that the "13th Annual WA Beach Clean-Up" campaign is on Sunday 15th October.

Wayne Cable is our co-ordinator and he proposes to break us up into several groups to clean up areas from Calypso Road carpark at Blue Bay around to Janis Street Doddi's Beach (the groyne).

The meeting place is 9.00am at the Robert Point car Park. As Wayne said: " It would be great if you could spare some time to come down and join us cleaning up the beaches we love so much, while at the same time enjoy a walk and chat."

Wayne has received some gloves, but suggest volunteers bring hat, gloves and sun protection.

It's a Club approved event - so let's do it for Wayne in return for all that he has done for our great Club. He is counting on about 25-30 volunteers and whilst he has not asked for people to commit, it would be nice if you could add your name below to let him know you'll be there on the day.

What a great way to spend your new found Spring energy!

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