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President's Prattle - September 2017

Well it is great to be home after a month of travels, and what a month it was. No doubt Steve Ferguson’s blog kept you updated on the Greece swim trip. It was a joy sharing that week with such a great group. Many lasting memories!! We have returned to hit the ground running, with so much happening.

Good luck to the smaller band of swimmers who are representing at this Sunday's Club Challenge. Hopefully we can have a big representation at the final of our 4 selected meets later at Melville. If you don’t have the 26th November in your diary, then put it in. We would like to go out with a win for our last Club Challenge of the year at that meet and that means all hands on deck on the day.

I am excited to inform that the club is again being strongly represented at the City of Mandurah Sports Awards. This year, we are nominating Gerda Williams who has accumulated 5 Gold medals at the World Masters Games in Auckland New Zealand, is the holder of 8 National records set this year, and 26 State records with 16 of those set this year. I think it is a record that will take some beating, and she is a very strong nominee…here’s hoping.

If you don’t have your tickets for the Quiz night on October 13th yet, then get in touch with Helen Cahill and arrange a table. Ken, Glenda and John have worked hard to make this a fun evening. This is our fundraiser for the community and a chance to give back a little, so lets get on board.

Hopefully the weather will start to be a little brighter and a few of you in winter hibernation will come out and again join in the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions. Mike is looking to set up additional individual stroke correction sessions during these evenings so stay tuned for information on how to book a session.

Having had my first ocean swim at Doddi's since returning I can say that the water was warmer than I expected, and very pleasant. Graeme is happy having a few colleagues returning as there have only been a few hardy souls over the past few weeks. With the Greek bunches return I am sure you will all become heartily tired of our exaggerated stories which continue to grow. The new ablution block has progressed and hopefully is not too far off opening, meanwhile we still enjoy Graeme’s makeshift hot shower!!

Keep swimming and look after each other

President Steve!!

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