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2017 Greek Island Swim - Blog 10

The staff were still cleaning up from the Greek Night as a bedraggled Swim Team wandered in for breakfast. The later start was greatly appreciated, nonetheless we were all on Mowgli five minutes early ready to start another days swimming.

Our first swim was a short boat trip away. A swim around the small rocky island of Thilia. Once we had completed a full circuit and ended back where we started, we would cross the narrow passage between the islands of Thilia and Meganisi then proceed north along the shoreline to a small bay 500m along the coast. A total of approx 2.85km. Glenda, Erica and Steve made a big splash by jumping off the roof of Mowgli into the water. The stronger winds we had yesterday had abated making this swim all the more enjoyable. Erica and Steve had to wear shorts in an attempt to slow them down and someone even managed to put a rock in Steve's shorts pocket.

After the swim it was a short motor to the village of Spilia on Meganisi. Just when you think these lunch stops can't get any better, each day supersedes the previous. Lunch again in another picture postcard location, you just run out of superlatives to describe these locations.

After lunch it was another short boat ride back to the Bay of Nidri, not far from where we are staying. The wind had completely disappeared leaving glassy conditions for our 2km afternoon swim west along the Lefkada shoreline. A few swimmers were starting to get shoulder niggles and as a result were either taking it easy or using fins. This was a wise move given we have our big 5km swim tomorrow. We all enjoyed another great afternoon swim following the contours of the rocky shoreline.

The finish of the swim was very close to Nidri making it a short boat trip home. Some very weary swimmers disembarked Mowgli and trod their way up the hill to their rooms for a shower and well earned rest.

It is amazing how well everyone is swimming. Prior to the swim we were not sure if we could swim in the morning and again in the afternoon let alone repeat that day after day. Many expected to swim in the morning, but not the afternoon. Others expected to need fins to overcome fatigue and make the distance or they were sure they would need to exit the water part way. Yet we have all coped well and with few exceptions completed every swim.

A quiet night followed the days swimming. Many ordering pasta or lamb chops with chips for their evening meal washed down with just a beer or two before hitting the sack early in preparation for an early 8:00am start.

Greek Swim Team

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