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2017 Greek Island Swim - Blog 7

Our first day of swimming. We were to meet at 9:30am the BigBlueSwim boat Mowgli, which is moored at a pier just below the hotel. Breakfast was scheduled for an hour before departure so everyone arrived excited and soon were chatting and enjoying a mix of Greek/English fare. Back to our rooms to collect our gear and down the hill to board Mowgli. There was one minor hiccup when Ann and Steve managed to lock themselves in their room! Fortunately, Deb answered their call for help and organised their early release.

Mowgli motored around to Desimi Beach where we had two short swims. The first was a 600m time trial of two laps out and back to one of the tenders anchored 150m away. The finish order dictated which of the three groups you would join for future swims. We could have saved the a lot time and told them the order in which we would finish but we were more than happy to get in the water and have a swim. That would have also shown up those who were tanking so they could get in a slower group. With the groups settled, the next swim was a 300m practice of group swimming in close proximity. After that the BigBlue Swim organised a short video session of each swimmer so they might provide some tips on improving their technique.

Mowgli then motored around to Meganisi where we went for lunch in a taverna they recommended. Despite the warnings that the meals were large and not to eat too much, we all ate too much. We are given two hours for lunch. The meal takes about one hour leaving an hour for strolling around the town and a bit of shopping before we need to be back on board.

After lunch It was a short trip around to a sheltered bay for our first introductory swim, 1.6km along the shore line followed by a short crossing to a neighbouring island. Everyone loved the swim. The warm deep blue waters are a pleasure to swim in. You feel like your gliding smoothly along with little or no effort. Yellow group of Ann, Sue and Linda excelled at close quarter group swimming, so much so that BigBlue Swim wanted to video them to show the rest of how it should be done. Next best was Orange group and the worst of all were Pink group comprising the faster swimmers, who were all over the shop like browns cows.

With everyone on board we headed for home, arriving back at the hotel at 4:30pm. Some hit the pool to relax, while others went back to their rooms to shower and change as they had booked a 10km guided bike tour with the local adventure company before dinner. Others had a massage. There is a masseur associated with the BigBlueSwim who for a very reasonable price will come to your room to releive those aching muscles after your days swimming. Some of the ladies have him fully booked for the rest of the week.

Those not off bike riding met in the pool bar for a quiet little drink before walking down the road to a waterfront taverna for an evening meal. They were just finishing when the bike riding team arrived back, some looking quite shattered. It is going to be a long week.

Tomorrow we have an earlier 8:30 am start and get into the longer swims with a total of 5.2 km for the day. I can't wait!

Greek Swim Team

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