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2017 Greek Island Swim - Blog 5

Day 2 (Lefkada) saw the early risers hit the pavement for a jog or walk as was their preference before congregating in a harbor-side cafe for a coffee. A few of the less energetic then joined up to find somewhere for breakfast. We then split up, with some going to do washing, others off shopping or hiring a scooter for the day to explore the island (guess who) or catching a bus to a Kathisma Beach on the west side of the island for a swim and lunch.

One of the main topics of conversation during our stay at Lefkada is kettles. The Hotel Lefkas, where we are staying, has an unorthodox and somewhat random policy on supplying rooms with or without kettles. Those with kettles may not have tea bags or find there kettle is prone to exploding. Those without kettles need to get over it (Wayne)! Try Ice Tea!

Glenda, Wayne, Kirk, Jim and Steve caught a bus from Lefkada to Kathisma Beach for the princely sum 2 euro. Kathisma is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada and is located 15km southeast close to the village of Agios Nikita. For Aussies, the pebble beach takes some getting used to, but the warm 27C turquoise water more than makes up for it. Interestingly, the water is very salty which increases buoyancy such that you can float in a vertical "tin soldier" position with your arms by your side and not kicking and still have your head and shoulders above the water. At the beach we sat on outdoor chaise lounges, under an umbrella, while being served drinks by a beach waiter! This is something the club should look into setting up at Doddi's.

For the others, shopping was followed by a swim at a beach nearby Lefkada. Pres. Steve and pillion passenger Jen had returned from exploring the island on a scooter just in time to earn some brownie points ferrying Sue, Erica and Ann to the beach while Linda, Hazel, Jen, Anne Marie, and 2xDeb walked. Greg rode a bicycle.

After swimming we all returned to the hotel to rest before and changing for an evening meal. It is interesting to note the tempering effect on the group the imminent start of our week of swimming twice a day is having. This phenomenon is evident by unusual statements such as: "let's have an early tea tonight" or the more extreme "I'm not drinking today" or when such extreme statements are queried, "well, I am not drinking during the day".

Alas, like so many well intended resolutions, another jovial evening passed in a harbor-side bar followed by a generously portioned meal of local seafood washed down (by some) with equally generous glasses of ouzo, local white wine and/or beer. However, it should be noted this did take place earlier than previous nights.

Greek Swim Team

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