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2017 Greek Island Swim - Blog 3

Our first day in Athens started with breakfast at the hotel. Some of the group had been and gone by the time the stragglers arrived in the dining room. The group split up into smaller groups each with their own plans for a day sight seeing and there is a lot to see in Athens.

In a slightly humid day in the low 30's, our group took in the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus and Pantheon or original Olympic running track where Hazel demonstrated how not to start a running race. The highlight was Hazel, Greg, Steve and Ann setting a PB and winnning the 250+ Mixed 4 x 100 Nostyle Relay in strong field of 1. Jim took out the long distance tourist walking competition by covering a staggering 20km in a day.

The day concluded with a team meeting at the Hotel rooftop bar to watch the sun set over Athens and the Acropolis, under the pretext of planning tomorrow's taxi and bus trip to Lefkada. Lefkada is the Ionian island and name of the major city nearby the swim. We will spend the next two nights in Lefkada before moving to a hotel at Geni to start the swim. Caught up with Erica and Craig. A pity Craig is not coming with us. 15 are now 16!

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