Golden Groper State Relay Results

Thank you to all the pool and non-pool swimmers who rallied to the call, as well as our great Rocky friends who joined in to make it a fun day. Alas we got our rear ends kicked by Claremont who saw us coming. Nevertheless, we are proud of our 2nd place and that Mandurah Masters remains a strong and vibrant club that is a dominate force in Masters Swimming in Western Australia.

Congratulations to the four relay teams who broke State Records:

Mixed 120-159 200 SC Freestyle Relay: Anwar, Capt. Jen, Ingrid and Reggie

Women 280-319 100 SC Medley Relay: Lynette, Pauline, Gerda and Jen C.

Mixed 280-319 100 SC Medley Relay: Gerda, Pauline, Mike and Steve C*

* Mixed 280-319 100 SC Medley Relay was previously held by Graeme, Pauline, Jeannette & Rod.