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President's Prattle - August 2017

Well it has been a busy time for the club. What a great day at the “Golden Groper” State short course relay championships. We were represented by a record 39 members with many others in support. It was a joy to see so many rally to the cause, and although Claremont showed us a clean pair of heels, we were a clear second to again demonstrate we are one of the power clubs in the State Masters swimming. It was terrific to see our top swimmers in action, but equally brilliant to see those competing for the first time. Once the first anxious nerves were over there was a lot of fun being shared. Well done Cap’n Jen and Coach Mike who undertook the difficult task of forming teams. Apologies to members who missed out, but hopefully you continue to put your hand up. Congrats to the 280 plus swimmers who won their age group. Gerda and Pauline were happy to take others along to more state records. We will soon have to audition to get into their teams. Sorry Ivan was unable to make it (Hope you heal quickly) but thanks to those who added swims or changed swims so we could continue to compete. Well done again our timers and Hazel who tried to keep our “mob” organised and racing. Thanks to our Rockingham colleagues who joined us. Jen and Mike know what is expected in return! All in all a super day for the Club.

Still in the pool, there has been a good response to the Sunday morning sessions for the Country Correspondence Carnival. Plenty of enthusiasm for these mornings. We will see if there have been enough swims to take off this trophy?? Keep in mind the last Sunday each month is our for morning tea at the pool.

Great to hear our “Life members” got together for a casual meal. A very special group who have a strong link through their support of our activities. Good on you Gerry for arranging this.

Our beach swimming has provided the usual winter thrills at times. One way swims are not uncommon if the currents prove too strong. Still swimmers brave each of the mornings we are on deck and whilst mid-week numbers are down, the Saturday swims remain strong with a couple of dozen taking the plunge most weekends. The new change rooms are rapidly taking shape, so hopefully it will be a quick build. The present “outdoor” changing is a bit “cheeky” at times, but Graham and Joel’s showers are greatly appreciated. Only a couple of months and the ocean will start to warm. Meanwhile, wet-suit up if needed!!

Don't forget to start getting your table together for the Quiz night on October 13th. I am sure Glenda and Ken will again deliver a fun filled night.

I wish safe and fun travels to the 16 about to head to Greece for a week of swimming. I am sure there will be many tales on your return.

Keep swimming and look after each other.

Steve C

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