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Results for 2nd Country Correspondence Carnival!

Our second Country Correspondence Carnival (CCC) meet was held on Sunday morning 30 July. This was an indoor short course meet with a range of events over varying distances from 50m to 400m.

We had 13 swimmers, two recorders and eight non-swimming timekeepers all join together for a great morning's swimming carnival (many swimmers doubled-up on timekeeping too of course).

Well done to Gerda and John for coming down to swim before leaving to swim at the Leisure Park meet that afternoon.

This was also only our second meet learning how to use the Dolphin Dolphin electronic timing system and everything went well.

We have now held two of four events to collect times for submission to MSWA as our entries into this year's CCC. Our next meet is Sunday 06 August so it's not too late to join the fun!. You can enter for 1500m Freestyle, 1500 Breaststroke and 800 Backstroke at training up until this Thursday night 3 July.

Click here for the full results.

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