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August Birthdays!

This month we have eight Mannas celebrating their birthdays, following our theme of using Zodiac signs to predict swimming ability with have seven Leo's and one member who is a Virgo. We encourage you all to:

"Please take a good hard look at yourself!"

Leo: 23 July – 22 August

Lions are great, aren't they? Really powerful creatures, fabulous thick hair. They are the show swimmers – if there's someone at your pool in a very flashy costume parading up and down followed by a troupe of admirers, that'll be a leo. Flashy in the water, too, which is great to watch but don't expect one to save you if you're drowning.

Celebrating birthdays while brushing their fabulous thick hair (??) and generally showing off are David on the 1st, George on the 3rd, John on the 5th, Rod on the 8th, Wayne C on the 9th, Erica C on the 10th and Gerry on the 17th.

Virgo: 23 Aug – 22 September

Virgos are the ones with the superbly packed swimming bags, a pocket for everything. Run out of anti-fog spray? Ask a virgo. Got a problem with your stroke? Ask a virgo. They will have watched and analysed every swimming video going, and are particular and precise swimmers. Hmmm. Doesn't sound like a fun party, does it?

Happy birthday to Deborah (Guru) on the 30th in Greece. No doubt an exception will be made as ancient Greeks didn't celebrate birthdays!

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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