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Results for Country Correspondence Carnival!

What a great start to our Country Correspondence Carnival (CCC) on Sunday morning 9 July!

We had 17 swimmers, two recorders and seven non-swimming timekeepers all join together for a great morning's swimming carnival (many swimmers doubled-up on timekeeping too of course).

A major change for our Club, was the use of the new(ish) Dolphin electronic timing system which you'll see in the photos. Owned by the MARC, it was originally purchased with our help for for use in the (now moved)-2018 Masters Nationals. It is available for the use of Peel, Mandurah and ourselves for all future events. Electronic timing making recording much easier and accurate. In addition, it will be good timekeeper training for our members for when they come across such systems at other inter-club carnivals.

This was the first of four Club only events to collect times for submission to MSWA as our entries into this year's CCC. Our next meet is Sunday 30 July so it's not too late to join the fun!. Entries for that swim are closing at training on Tuesday night the 25th July.

Click here for the full results.

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