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5 year Anniversary of Mandurah Mannas English Channel Swim

Today's cold swim at Doddi's couldn't have been more appropriate given it was the 5 year anniversary of Ray Reynolds, Sue Giles, Deb Bloor, Ken Phillips and Team Leader John Reyburn's successful crossing of the English Channel. What a great feat! Click Here to read all about it!

But if you thought today's swim was cold, this week Barb celebrated her 22nd anniversary of her solo crossing of the English Channel (on the 4th July 1995) with a 20 minute solo swim in Drakes Brooke Dam, which was only witnessed, much to his astonishment, by a local farmer on his tractor. And that's Damn cold! Click Here to read about Barb's crossing in challenging conditions.

Thus, begs the question: Is it time for another Mandurah Masters English Channel Crossing?? (Maybe followed by another Greek Island Swim Holiday to warm up after the EC swim!) Anyone interested, please seek psychiatric help or contact Barb!

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