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July Birthdays!

This month we have seven Mannas celebrating their birthdays, following our theme of using Zodiac signs to predict swimming ability with have two members who fall under the sign of Cancer and five Leo's. We encourage you all to:

"Please keep calm, don't give up!"

Cancer: 21 June – 22 July

Michael Phelps is cancer (a water sign). Science tells us that water disperses in water, and yes, the cancerian problem is they can start to actually disperse or dissolve in water, so they have to go fast. Michael Phelps proves that. Also, they swim sideways so will crash into you if they're doing backstroke. Nightmare.

Happy birthday to new member Todd on the 3rd and Jeanette will now doubt will throw in some extra laps on on the 8th.

Leo: 23 July – 22 August

Lions are great, aren't they? Really powerful creatures, fabulous thick hair. They are the show swimmers – if there's someone at your pool in a very flashy costume parading up and down followed by a troupe of admirers, that'll be a leo. Flashy in the water, too, which is great to watch but don't expect one to save you if you're drowning.

Celebrating birthdays while flashing up and down the pool this month will be Heather on the 23rd, Barb on the 24th, Karen on the 25th, Pauline on the 30th, and Richard on the 31st.

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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