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Country Correspondence Carnival!

A great opportunity to race alongside your friends in an encouraging and familiar environment. Swimmers may enter up to 8 individual events over the 27 events on offer over the following 4 Sunday dates at the MARC: 09 July - outdoor 50m 30 July - indoor 25m 06 August - outdoor 50m 20 August - indoor 25m

Click here for more details.

Event registration is in the white folder in the cage as usual. If you are unable to make it to the pool on Tuesday night, Thursday night or Sunday Swim Training, please email Captain Jen ( with your nominated swims with times. We will be closing entries on the Tuesday prior to each Carnival date. We will be utilising the Dolphin Timing System available to us as a club for the first two carnival days. We would like to take this opportunity to ask for a few volunteers to help on each day with timekeeping and also to invite everyone to stay for a coffee afterwards. And if you feel so inclined, bring a plate to share.

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