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Welcome to our latest new Members!

Everyone at Mandurah Masters extends a warm welcome to our latest new members, including: Mark Dove, Christine Withers, Min Ng, Alexis Denness and hopefully Barbara Roberts (as soon as she works out how to transfer from Murray Masters). My apologies if I have missed anyone.

If you haven't already been to both, we encourage you try our pool and beach sessions to meet and have a chat with all the crew over a coffee. And don't forget our next social functions (Pizza night after training on 15 June, Coastcare Planting on 18 June and Christmas in July on 15 July). Whatever sessions or functions you go to, I am sure you will be made to feel welcome.

If you would like to have a shot at swimming in a pool competition or open water swim, please make sure you make yourself known to Captain Jen and Head Coach Mike. Captain Jen will have you signed up to swim for us and the Head Coach Mike (supported by our other coaches) will help you with your technique and building your fitness.

There is some general information for new members under the "Join Us" tab on our website at, as well as Linda's and Paul's story of when they joined, which make a good read. The website is where you can keep up to date with the latest Club News; otherwise, if you have any questions about the club or swimming in general, just ask anyone or post your query on the new club forum on our website.

See you at the pool or beach!

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