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Good luck for our Port to Pub Girls!

(From L to R - Brett and Sue, Wendy and Jen)

The 2017 Port to Pub will be held on the Saturday 25 March 2017. The Port to Pub is a open water swim event in its second year, which courses 20 km from Leighton Beach to Rottnest Island's Hotel Rottnest.

This year Mandurah Masters is represented by Sue Johnston doing a Solo swim and a Duo swim team comprising Wendy Kennedy and Captain Jen Rollin-Busby. If the starter looks familiar to the girls, so she should as own "Queen of the Channel" Barb Pellick has been invited to be an Ambassador for the race and blow the horn.

A fair few Mannas are setting the alarm clocks for some ungodly hour and heading to Leighton Beach to be there to support and wish our girls all the best before the start. If you are interested on watching their progressing during the race, you can follow their progress by downloading the live tracker on to your phone from

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