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Mandurah Masters OWS Workshop

With Doddi's Dash less than 3 weeks away, Head Coach John Cahill presented a very timely Open Water Swimming Workshop on Sunday morning 30 October, which covered open water swimming techniques, training, preparation and nutrition. The 45 minute indoor presentation was followed by 45 minutes of swimming and drills and then the usual "last-Sunday-of-the-month" tea and cakes.

Click Here to see a video of the rough and tumble you can expect in Open Water Swimming reproduced by two dozen swimmers in two lanes practicing Sighting and Cork Screw Turns! This was a fantastic Club event enjoyed by all who attended, not only was it educational but also a lot of fun.

A special thanks to Head Coach John for all the work he put into preparing and presenting this fantastic workshop.

See you at the Doddi's!

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