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September Birthdays!

According to, the horoscope for September says, "After a peaceful and quiet forest lake known as August, September will appear to be a real avalanche, full of the most striking and unusual situations." I can't wait!

Actually, September sees 10 Mannas joining the avalanche for a tumble down the hill of life!

The most striking and unusual situations will most likely occur when: Sue J and Jan D share PBs on the 2nd, providing Jan has not been beaten by a lion during her visit to South Africa; Lynette B pops a champagne cork for a special birthday on the 4th; Debra and Jennifer R-B blow out candles on the 7th; Wendy unwraps her presents on the 13th; Ray adds another to his total on the 16th, not that you would notice; Ivan celebrates on the 18th, hoping to try out his new shoulder; Steve F celebrates at Doddis on the 24th (remind me to bring cake!); and at Tracey's party on the 25th.

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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