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WTF is your Committee doing?

You might possibly remember earlier this year being lured to the AGM by the promise of free wine and pizza only to find you were there to elect a group of questionable characters to be the Club Committee to oversee the running of the Club for the next 12 months (and at the time, hoping like hell that they wouldn't stuff up what was, up until then, a well run Club!).

Well you might be interested in what they are really up to:

In retirement Vice President Steve Ferguson has started a Swimming IT business with Mandurah Mannas as his only client - albeit they are a non-paying client! His venture into website building using Mandurah Mannas as a guinea pig seems to be paying off with orders for two more.

Secretary Janet Duncan is keeping the Committee Meetings in order but ever frustrated by the VP deleting club emails before she has read them.

The Club funds are in good hands with Treasurer Sue McDonald, ever the entrepreneur, as she juggles swimming with part-time bus driving and cleaning jobs, playing the stock market and keeping an eye open for possible mergers and takeovers.

Coaching Director John Cahill has single-handedly taken on the role of coming up with worthy ideas to spend the Club funds - Thank God Sue controls the money!

Club Captain Mike Bennett has become Club Quasi Recruitment Officer. His strategy of stalking around at the MARC pool until he spots a good swimmer then pestering them incessantly to join the club has paid dividends with several new members - most more than happy to spend the $100 just to stop Mike hounding them!

Recorder Sue Johnston has been missing in action, but fortunately Jack-of-all-trades Deb Brown has filled in admirably - in between her DIY bathroom and lounge floor renovations.

Registrar Pauline Wingate has tried to put her feet up and do nothing - but this has not been possible with Mike continually attracting new members.

Incumbent Public Relations Officer Des Seery has just recently kicked a long term bad habit of writing newsletters only to develop a dangerous fettish for sending emails. Something he seems to be able to do no matter how remote the location in WA he and Kay find themselves.

Property Officer Rosemary Green has been struggling for sometime to find a supplier of Mankini's in Club Colours, something she may have more luck with now that she is forever connected to the free WiFi at MARC.

OWS Coordinator Wayne Cable is completely out of control! When not swimming for hours on end at the pool or Doddi's, he is raising exorbitant amounts of money for the club or organising the Australia Day swim, which was previously a lazy 2k, but now has events for every distance from 500m to 4k - with Wayne planning to enter them all!

In the absence of any volunteers, Wayne Cable also took on the job of Social Officer and formed a formidable team with Deb Brown, Glenda Hurtado and Sue MacDonald who are one-at-a-time booking every restaurant and café in Mandurah for a club event!

We have never been safer under the guidance of Safety Officer Ray Reynolds who has everyone attending First Aid courses, buddying-up and towing a brightly coloured safety float. The latter two seem to work well swimming at Doddi's, but Ray do we really have to do this in the Dome as well?

Despite many attempts to avoid them, Club Paparazzi Lyn McPhail and Ivan Wingate seem to be able to capture shots of Club members at will and quickly have them posted on Facebook or the Club Website. The best shots we don't get to see as they are funding both of their retirement plans.

That leaves President Steve Crake (shown above in a picture taken at a recent Committee Meeting) swanning around at meetings at MSWA, at the pool and Doddi's taking the credit for all the Committee's hard work, but as he insists - That's what Presidents are supposed to do!

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