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New Safety Measures for Doddi's and Swim Times Changed Again!

So far this month, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there has been more swimmers hitting the water at 8:00 am than the official start time of 8:30 am, sometimes leaving only two swimmers in the second group. At the same time, the onset of winter conditions have made the swim a little more challenging, which has highlighted the need to look out for each other and swim together. Therefore, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for the time being the official swim time will return to 8:00 am. On Saturdays, the more leisurely 8:30 am start will remain.

We are also reinforcing existing and introducing some new mandatory safety measures, namely:

1. Swimmers must wear coloured caps (and bathers with wetsuits optional!);

2. Before each swim, swimmers must hook-up with a Buddy of similar speed. In the case of an odd number swimmers, a group of three should be formed;

3. The number of swimmers will be counted at the start, accounted for at the reef and again at the end of the swim;

4. During the swim, Buddies must swim with, and keep an eye on, each other;

5. Swimmers must swim as close to shore as conditions permit, taking account of the general traffic flow of swimmers returning from the reef passing outside swimmers still on the way.

6. Slower swimmers should leave first with faster swimmers following and timing their start (handicap style) to minimise the time spent waiting for others at the reef;

7. If pairs of slower swimmers are yet to reach the reef, when others start returning, they too must stop and start back.

8. A Spotter - carrying a whistle, First Aid Kit and Defib - will patrol the beach and keep an eye on the group swimming. If a swimmer is in the need of assistance, or in the event of any other danger, the whistle will be blown and ALL swimmers must stop and leave the water or, if instructed and able, render assistance. All swimmers are expected to take a turn at being the Spotter;

9. Swimmers needing assistance, if possible, should raise and wave one arm to attract the Spotter's and your Buddy's attention; and

10. Onshore, swimmers should resist the urge to head butt the sign near the clubrooms!

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