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Head up or Head down?

If you are like me, breathing is essential. While swimming freestyle breathing becomes problematic. Essentially, there are two options: Head up or Head down.

Head up (Johnny Weissmuller style)

Pros: Keeps your hair dry, you can swim with makeup on, chat to nearby swimmers, keep a look out for sharks and crocs, you don't need goggles, open water sighting is easy, take a breath anytime.

Cons: Slow - you watch all the "Head down" swimmers go past.

Head down:

Pros: Fast - Barb doesn't hassle you at training (who is this Popeye anyway!).

Cons: Your face gets wet. Requires a high level of co-ordination and skill to time your breath between strokes and not swallow a mouthful of water. Occasional head on collision with objects and other swimmers.

For those who aspire to swim with your "Head down", reading this Swim Smooth article might help.

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