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A Note from the Recorder's desk

Aerobic Swims - To time or not!

Some say that ”Timing Swims” is too competitive and leads to too much compulsive focus on comparative performance. Here are some alternate thoughts about the benefits.

Firstly, knowing your time on a set distance and stroke provides a baseline comparison of your progress and helps to develop personal achievement goals. In itself, this can motivate your own commitment to training and maintain a desired level of fitness.

Secondly, many of the veteran Mannas can recall times when members had suddenly noticed significant declines in capacity on swim times. These seemed to occur when training was consistent, and no other health symptoms were apparent. This alerted the need to have a health check and to avoid possibly underlying severe medical concerns. This might not have happened during unmeasured, noncomparative swim activities.

On another note, cooperative timing of aerobic swims in a low stress and non-competitive atmosphere provides an opportunity to connect, share and laugh in a fun and friendly activity.

The follow-up chat and giggle coffee session provides another opportunity to connect, belong and enjoy a positive group of like-minded, supportive and healthy larrikins.

So, there you have it in a nutshell!!! Fun, Fitness and Friendship – the three Cornerstones of Masters Swimming and Health Lifestyles. Anyone heard of “Act, Belong and Commit!”




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