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2021 Mandurah Masters AGM

Mandurah Masters Swimming Inc. held it's Annual General Meeting at 7:00 pm on February 24 2021, at MARC Club Rooms. It was a very productive and successful evening with a healthy member turn out, including Kathy McLeod and Club Life Members: Gerry Green, Wayne Cable, and Pauline & Ivan Wingate. Ivan is also a Masters Swimming Australia Life Member.

Club President, Treasurer, Coaching Director, Recorder and Captain all presented reports. Next, the Club Committee for 2021 was elected as follows:

President Steve Ferguson 0414 359 402

Vice President Joel Lewis 0419 913 475

Secretary Ann Ferguson 0400 224 680

Treasurer Deborah Bloor 0437 167 823

Coaching Director Wayne Cable 0427 005 524

Club Captain John Cahill 0466 439 008

Recorder Kirk Bamford & 0431 736 464

Narelle Gillmore 0466 657 108

Registrar Hazel Cockram 0438 880 243

Public Relations Steve Ferguson 0414 359 402

Social Coordinator Glenda Hurtado & 0413 124 568

Helen Cahill 0466 623 281

Safety Officer Ross Doherty & 0431 692 448

Wayne Cable 0427 005 524

A warm welcome to new committee members: Ross Doherty, Wayne Cable, Kirk Bamford and Narelle Gillmore. A very big thank you to outgoing committee member Des for all his hard work. Well done for signing on for another year to Steve, Deborah, Joel, Ann, John, Helen, Hazel, Glenda. We must not forget our club photographer Ivan. A big thank you for capturing all the fun we had at the AGM and every other club event for 2020.

President Deborah took the opportunity to show the meeting a framed photograph of the late Honorary Life Member Ken Phillip's prized swimming cap collection organised by Ray Reynolds. The picture will have pride of place in the Doddi's Beach Clubroom with other memorabilia donated by the late Rod Baker's family.

Next on the Agenda was Deborah Bloor's nomination for Honorary Life Member. Ivan Wingate nominated Deborah, and after careful consideration of the nomination, the Management Committee had unanimously endorsed her nomination. Ivan recounted Deborah's outstanding contribution to the meeting before presenting her Life Member Certificate and badge and a lovely bunch of floors. The full details of Deborah's presentation will follow shortly.

Then it was time to present the 2020 Club Awards. The awards and the winners were:

Kathy McLeod Best Club Person: Steve Crake

Kathy McLeod presented this award to the Club member who has shown the most commitment to their swimming and is a dedicated role model for our Club. The trophy was donated by and named after Kathy McLeod, one of the founding members, in 1993.

Club Challenge Swim Award: John Cahill & a tie for second place between Mike Bennett, Colleen Wray, Gerda Williams and Pauline Wingate

The award is presented to the two swimmers with the highest aggregate of swim points attained at Club Challenge swim events.

Coaching Director's Award: Pauline Wingate

This award is presented at the sole discretion of the current Coaching Director and not without some fierce competition.

FINA Swim Excellence Award: Gerda Williams

The award is presented to the member with the highest FINA point score for an individual swim, as per the MSA Result Portal score. This award recognises the best individual swim of the year across all age groups.

For 2020, on October 25 at the Stadium Masters LLCC, Gerda swam the 75 to 79 Age group 200m Backstroke in a time of 3:57.99, which scored an outstanding 627 points.

Open Water Swim Award: John Cahill and Joel Lewis

The award is presented to the two swimmers with the highest aggregate of swim points attained in MSWA accredited open water swim events. In the 2019/2020 Wow Swim Series, John competed in all seven events scoring 61 points, followed by Joel, who competed in five events scoring 40 points.

Fitness, Friendship & Fun Award: Sue McDonald

The award is presented to the member who most embodies the values of Masters Swimming Australia of Fitness, Friendship and Fun. As determined by a sub-committee of the President and two co-opted members.

Congratulations to all the winners and our new Honorary Life Member. The night concluded with convivial discussion while enjoying pizza and a glass of wine.

We can all look forward to another great year in 2021!


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