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2021 Australia Day BBQ Brunch

A large contingent of Mandurah Mannas and partners celebrated Australia Day with a fun-filled morning at Doddi's Beach. Games of Bocce and Kings filled in the time before swimmers were marshalled into relay teams to compete in a decathlon of fun. After Captain John clearly explained each event's rules, competitors moved to the beach where chaos ensued.

Who would have thought that Frisbee, Noodle and Egg Relays and a friendly Tug-of-War would involve more tackling and general unruly behaviour than you would see in the Bledisloe Cup? Clearly, the organisers underestimated the value to some Mannas of the prize of a pair Australia Day thongs. Nevertheless, as Ivan's and Hazel's photos show, everyone enjoyed the frivolity immensely (the bruises less so).

After the beach activity, the BBQ's were fired up, and all enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

Yet again we owe a very big thank you to John and Helen for organising all the fun. Thank you to President Deb, Life Members Gerry and Wayne, and their helpers, who set up and packed away. Also, thanks to Robin and Eileen for donating the thongs.


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