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Masters Pool Events Cancelled

No doubt you would have received an email from MSWA with the disappointing news that in addition to the cancellation of this year's Nationals in Sydney, Masters Swimming WA board has cancelled all swim meets until 31st May. This means the following Swim Meets are CANCELLED: Melville LiveLighter Club Challenge on 22nd March; LiveLighter Masters Swimming WA SC State Championships on 4th and 5th April; and Stadium LiveLighter Distance Meet on 2nd May​.

The Club would like to thank all those who have been working toward the States, volunteered their time and/or donated prizes for the Raffle that we planned to hold during the State Championships. A Raffle will go ahead at some stage that has yet to be determined.

At this stage, normal club activities will continue; however, this may change. For now, please follow the current recommended Covid-19 guidelines outlined in the MSWA email, namely:

  1. Please take all precautions as much as possible to avoid the spreading of this virus and seek medical advice if you are concerned about your health and well being;

  2. Regularly wash hands or use sanitiser wherever possible;

  3. Avoid physical contact (shaking hands etc) and incorporate ‘social distancing’ into your day to day life;

  4. If you have the slightest sniffle, cold or flu-like symptoms, please DO NOT attend club swimming activities;

  5. Follow the government mandate that all travellers from overseas arriving after midnight last night are required to self-isolate for 14 days. This is mandatory and failure to do so could incur fines of up to $50,000; and

  6. If you have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed or who suspects they have the virus, please do not attend club activities.

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