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2020 Mandurah Mannas Christmas Party

Mandurah Masters held our 2020 Christmas Party last Sunday at the Southern Estuary Hall, with over 40 Mannas and their partners attending. If you couldn't make it, as the photos show, you missed a great day.

The day started with decorating the hall. Glenda and her team of helpers transformed an empty hall into a Christmas Wonderland, finishing just before the guest's arrived. Red and green Mannas mingled merrily during pre-lunch drinks and nibbles.

A sumptuous meal followed. Fortunately, everyone obeyed President Deb's instructions to follow a strict table order rather than have the invevitable free-for-all around the buffet. For main course the turkey, ham and salads were spectacular and the desserts were even better. Not only are Mannas very good at swimming, but cooking and eating as well!

Organising the Secret Santa was like herding cats. Obviously, collecting the present you brought from the table outside and forming a circle is a lot more tricky than it sounds. Nevertheless, it was eventually mastered. President Deb then proceeded to recite a lengthy tale about some legal matters, which included the cue to pass your present to the person on your left or right whenever the word "left" or "right" was mentioned. This proved an extremely amusing but somewhat convoluted way to pass your present to the second person on your right - or was it left?

Then to the shock of everyone, out of a cupboard popped Mrs Clause and her trusty elf. Obviously, the sleigh and reindeers didn't fit in the cupboard, which meant Mrs Clause having to resort to riding in a wheelbarrow! Mrs Clause proceed to dance around ringing her bell and dispersing lollies to the delight of all. Well done Mrs Clause!

Thank you to everyone for making the day such a success! A special thank you to Glenda and her social committee for all their hard work and Ivan for the photos.

Have a Merry Christmas


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