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2020 Doddi's Dash/Fashion Parade Report & Photos

“Fitness, Fun and Friendship” was definitely the theme of the Doddi’s Dash event held on Saturday morning the 21st of November.

The day started very smoothly with many members on deck to set up. Barb and Sue J had the registration process for both the Dash and Fashion Parade running very smoothly. Sue Mac added a bit of fun by running a little betting scam on the side. No one had seen their handicaps until now, so of course there was some fun banter, some whinging and a few swimmers very happy with their start times.

Fashions on the Foreshore was up first with all entrants displaying creativity and flair with their take on the theme of the letter “F”. It was a very entertaining parade (who could forget Jen Hurley’s Flasher outfit) with the audience then having the opportunity to cast their votes.

Overall winner: Flower with her watering can (Sue J)

Best Dressed Lady: French Floral Fantasy (Deborah)

Best Dressed Man: Fertiliser Man (Paul J)

Best Comedy: FIFO workers (Steve & Jen)

Best Couple/Group: Fitness, Fun & Friendship (Mel, Jane & Rhiannon)

What Were You Thinking: Freo Fans (Deb & Paul)

It was time then for the Swimmers Briefing. A new rule was introduced just to help stop last year’s winner, Brett, win the event for a second time. This year he had to wear a ladies bathing cap for the swim, which caused much laughter.

Swimmers then lined up and the race began. Linda was off on scratch and 39 swimmers followed behind at various intervals until Joel who was the back marker on a Handicap of 14mins and 5 secs.

Watching Linda start with speed not ever seen before, and swimming a very straight course, it was clearly going to be very hard for anyone to catch her, which they didn’t. Coming in second was Jamie Thomas (who swam in borrowed bathers, cap and googles) and Cathy not far behind in third place. Greg took out the award of “The Most Scenic Route Taken” with Sue Mac being very pleased to win the Slowest Time. Spies tell us she was back at Doddi’s the next day training for the 2021 Dash! The fastest swim of the day was Joel's islick 15mins and 8 secs.

Swimmers, non-swimmers, friends and family rounded off the event by relaxing with a coffee and BBQ brunch.

Once again members bandied together to ensure the event was a highlight for the year. Thanks to John and Helen whose organisation enabled the event to go off without a hitch and also to those who helped out on land and on the beach.

Thanks to President Deborah for this terrific Report, as well as Ivan and Tom who have provided fantastic photos.

After Captain John has checked his bank account, the final result times will be published, so stay tuned!


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