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Invite to Rockingham for a swim on Sat 4 January

For those interested, instead of going to Doddi's, Rockingham Masters has kindly invited us to join them for a swim on the Rockingham foreshore at 7:00 am on Saturday 4th of January. The morning will follow the tried and proven routine of swim and coffee after.

For sometime, we have been talking about trying to get with our Rocky friends for some fun swims both in the ocean and pool. A big thank you to Erica for organising our first get together.

Erica has provided the following information:

If anyone is interested in a swim at the Rockingham foreshore at 7am on the 4th January please see the attached map for details. I've added some mark ups to make it easier.

Red - parking areas, red arrows entry to car parks

Yellow - meet here, near the jetty

Green - this is the last tall apartment building which can be seen from the water denoting the 700m mark (for anyone keeping track of distance).

See you on there!

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