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September Birthdays!

We are wishing Happy Birthday to a group of six Virgos and three Librans this month.

According to

Virgo people are mild mannered on the surface, but underneath there is a flurry of activity. Their minds are never quiet; always thinking, calculating, assessing. They love making something out of nothing, nurturing and growing small things. They tend to be extremely detail oriented and particularly like producing something that is not only useful, but beautiful and skillful. Virgo don’t mind being alone as long as they know that they are appreciated and needed. They are sympathetic listeners, and are ready to help out those in need. Their good nature often makes them easy to take advantage of, and often they end up taking on more jobs and tasks than they should.

Libra people need to keep a balance between work lives and recreational lives and an equal balance in their emotional and spiritual/physical lives. Because of this need Librans can sometimes seem wishy-washy when they are asked to make a decision. This is because they must ‘weigh’ all of their options. However, rest assured, that when a Libra makes up their mind the decision is likely to be the best win/win for all involved; benefiting the most people.

Just remember:

"One of the signs of a passing youth is sense"

First two Virgos to celebrate their birthdays in September are Janet D and Sue J who share the 2nd. The buddy system is in full swing with Deb B and Jenny RB celebrating on the 7th. Ray is partying on the 16th and Ivan should enjoy a nice red on the 18th. Steve F is the first Libran and he will share his birthday cake with his granddaughter on the 24th. We finish the month with another duo of Rhiannon and Craig, who will both enjoy a party on the 25th!

Happy birthday everyone!

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