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2019 Croatia - Blog 7

Friday 26 July was our last SwimTrek day. We met Kres and Simon downstairs in front of the hotel at 8:00 am. Kres led us along narrow and twisting alleys until we arrived at the Water Polo field roped off complete with goals in the harbour water.

Barb and Steve were made captains and sides picked. While yesterday’s practice had been a throw and a giggle, dividing us into teams brought out a little more competitive spirit. Poor Hazel coped a full blooded throw at goals right in the face, which necessitated time-out to make sure she hadn’t broken her nose. The game was robust, with close marking and some dirty tactics happening below water. Despite the lack of talent and skill both teams manage to score some goals. We were all relieved when full time was called.

Now it was time for the mermaids and mermen to face the music and perform our synchronised swimming routine. Despite the lack of practice, there seemed some semblance of order to the performance, albeit lacking any synchronicity whatsoever except for Marta’s twirling in the centre which was amazing.

We all went back to the hotel and enjoyed a hearty breakfast together for the last time. We said our goodbyes to Kres and Simon. Well done guys.

Ann, Steve, Brett and Sue were staying one more night in Prvic, but everyone else was leaving on the 11:30am ferry to continue their holiday or start their journey home.

Our amazing week of swimming had come to an end. Arguably, the best swim holiday so far. Where to next?

We can’t wait ....

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