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2019 Croatia - Missing Mannas & Friends found safe and well!

I am so pleased to announce our 'Manna Mates' are NOT Croatian Secret Service Agents - all have been found safe and well and enjoying their first days together. Therefore the case file opened on Sunday 21st July is hereby CLOSED.

Here is Blog 1

Ann and Steve were the first to arrive on Prvic on Sat 20 July at about 1:30 pm. That morning, they had flown to Spilt from Zagreb, been picked up from the airport and driven for one hour to a small seaside town called Srima, where they caught a water taxi across to the town of Luka on the island of Prvic, where we would be based at the Hotel Maestro.

A hot and exhausted, but cheerful, group of champion swimmers (Barb, Pete, Sue, Brett, Cathy, Ken, Lynette, Hazel and Marta) disembarked the ferry on Prvic at 4:30 pm after smashing the locals in the Raslina OWS. Everyone looked splendid in their new Raslina T Shirts and Rottoswmr Caps.

That morning they had all met in Sibernik and been picked up by mini bus put on by the race organisers and taken to Raslina. Well done to Sue, Barb and Lynette who finished 1-2-3 in the Over 40 Womens 1.5k Swim. Finishers were all given a T shirt, big hunk of bread, soup goulash and a beer (even the children) for an entry fee equivalent to $13. (take note Australia Day Swim Committee).

We were all here, except Craig and Erica who due to matters beyond their control were somewhere between Rastoke and Sibernik on a hot and stuffy bus. Their ETA was 8:15pm arriving on the last ferry. Not to forget Anne-Marie who injured herself playing oxy bottle soccer at a pool safety demo and had to pull out at the last minute.

Fortunately, Craig and Erica arrived earlier than expected, albeit with lighter pockets due to the water taxi cost. They were just in time for the introductory meeting with the SwimTrek guides scheduled for 6:00pm at the hotel.

We met our SwimTrek guides Cresho and Simmo. Chresho was a local who had lived in Perth for 10 years. Simmo is a Pom. Both were past national champion swimmers and experienced guides. No doubt we were in good hands.

SwimTrek bought our first(ish) drink, we made sure it was a big one. After introducing ourselves and going through all the safety issues and answering our questions we had a dinner together, lots of chat and a few more drinks.

During dinner Barb presented the Rottoswmr Most Stupid Act of the Day Award to Brett. Not sure what he did, but he was rapted being the inaugural winner.

Tomorrow will be our first swim day. Breakfast at 7:00am and after we all meet for a grading swim near the hotel at 8:30. Our boat will leave about 9:00 for the first of our 3.5 - 4km morning and afternoon swims. We can’t wait ....

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