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2019 Crete - No Swim Day 3 - Blog 5

The bus to Imbros Gorge didn’t leave until 11:00 am, which gave everyone a chance to rest and recover from the festivities of the night before.

In Lefkada, Ouzo was the catalyst/lubricant for mischief and mayhem. In Crete, it is Raki. The best bit is every restaurant provides complimentary Raki after every meal. Even better for those who like a tipple or two, those that don’t - pass their's on.

We boarded the bus for the half hour trip to the top of the White Mountains and start of the Gorge walk. It is an 8 km walk down the Gorge over a rock strewn twisty track, which was quite steep in places. An ideal opportunity to add to the injury list.

At the start of the walk we had: Steve C, Trevor, Deb and Paul with dodgy shoulders; James with an Achilles injury, Trevor with a sore knee, Sue had hurt her elbow falling over in the toilet, and Hazel with heart troubles; i.e. we had only 7 out of 14 reasonably fit swimmers. For some reason, Ann, Deborah and Wayne thought they would try tumble turns down the rocks. By the end of the walk we had: Ann with a sprained ankle and sore knee, Deborah with a painful hip, and Wayne had aggravated his sore back. That only leaves Steve F, Anne-Marie, Narelle and Jen fully functional.

A very tired and sore bunch exited the Gorge some 3 hours later. Yet it was still another 10 min walk to the taverna in the village of Komitades, where we were to have lunch.

We enjoyed a lazy lunch and drinks while taking in the spectacular view looking back to the ocean from the taverna. After lunch, Paul and our guides Cate and Jenny decided to run the 5 kms back to Sfakia, while the rest took taxis.

As usual, we met at 6:00 pm for drinks, nibbles and the presentation of the Big Blue award. Sue’s job choosing a worthy winner was made easy by Cate dobbing-in fellow guide Jenny for nearly going arse up several times on the walk. Jenny was touched and a little overwhelmed at winning such a auspicious award, but composed herself and embraced the moment as the photos show.

Swimming again tomorrow. After a day off, we can’t wait!

To be continued...

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