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Good luck for our Port to Pub Swimmers!

(Photo by Clip Media)

The 2019 Port to Pub will be held on the Saturday 16 March 2019. The Port to Pub is a open water swim event in its fourth year, which courses 20 km from Leighton Beach to Rottnest Island's Hotel Rottnest.

This year Mandurah Masters is represented by: Guy doing a Solo swim (106); a Duo swim team comprising KGB Escapees Erica and Steve (229); team of four Doddi's Dazzlers Narelle, Collen, her sister Kerry and friend Natalie (419); and team of four Tri 2 Swim comprising Ken & Cathy with friends Mari & Paul (500).

Many Mannas are setting the alarm clocks for some ungodly hour and heading to Leighton Beach to be there to support and wish our swimmers all the best before the start. Most will make a day of it and then catch a ferry to Rottnest to be there to cheer them as the cross the finish line and greet them afterwards.

If you are interested on keeping a track of the swimmer's progress during the race, download the Port to Pub App on to your iPhone from iPhone App Store and enter the swimmer's/team numbers.

Good luck everyone!

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