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November Birthdays!

Everyone in the club is looking a lot slimmer with only six birthdays in October. However, after November Jenny Craig may have a lot of Mannas signing up with a mind boggling 16 birthdays this month!. Well done to Barbara, Bev, Ian and Rob who all celebrate significant milestones; i.e. end in 0 or 5.

Just remember:

"You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough!"

This month's notice coincides with singing happy birthday to Ian this morning at Doddi's, which sounded a little muffled as we all had a mouthful of Tim Tams at the time. Also sharing celebrations on the 2nd is Barbara. We have a week's break to diet before Cathy celebrates on the 9th. From then on its every man and woman for themselves with: Brett on the 10th, Robert on the 15th, Kurt on the 16th, Glenda, James and Lindsay on the 18th, Jeff on the 20th, Kirk and Bev on the 22nd, Sue G, Jannie and Gerda on the 23rd, and Mari on the 30th.

Happy birthday everyone!

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