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2018 Country Correspondence Carnival - Day 4

As Ivan's photos show, our fourth and final Country Correspondence Meet held on Sunday 30 September was, like the other three meets, a great success. The enthusiasm of Captain Jen certainly has rubbed off on the Club and is a big part of why the CCC has been so successful this year.

The opportunity to race alongside your friends in an encouraging and familiar environment has proven popular with a wide section of the club. Last Sunday was Relay day, which saw Captain Jen announcing event after event to a very resilient but fast tiring bunch of swimmers. It was a matter of swimming in one relay and walking back just in time for the start of the next.

Well done Vern, who clocked his first official 50m time. Also a big thank you to the volunteer timers.

The success of the event, having both short and long course days, and the number of Club Records broken/set, meant Recorder Helen has been busier than a cat trying to cover turds on a marble floor!

This can be evidenced by the following table of new Club Records set at the CCC.

Well done everyone!

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