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Golden Groper State Relay Results

What a fantastic meet just missing 2nd place by 3 points. Considering we had less numbers over last year, we did exceptionally well.

Most standout swimmers will be Rachel for the women and for the men, Shane. Both helping thwart our opponents with their exceptional sprinting skills.

For the first time in Manna history we won the 79-119 age group trophy!! (Not sure if it is actually the first time, but let's make the most of our younger demographic.) Perth City came up with the same amount of points to tie with us, but we live further away so I gracefully accepted the trophy and have brought it to display in our trophy cabinet at MARC.

One State record was broken in the Women 4x50 medley 79-119 age group. The Manna team beat the State Record of 2:16.64 by 7 seconds in an impressive 2:09.36! Finally I will have a State record certificate to frame (I've been waiting a long time for a State record). Thankfully every member that helped break the record gets their own certificate. Well done Anna, Tessa, Cara and myself. Special mention to Tessa, Cara and mum Christine for coming up from Busselton. So thankful to have them on the Manna team.

Our ever faithful and inspiring women in the 280-319 age group did a fantastic effort as always. Pauline and Gerda helped me with a few adjustments to make the teams even quicker. Thanks to Annette for answering the call to arms. Thank you ladies.

I know everyone had fun, and if you didn't have fun yesterday, it is because you were not there!! There was pizza and cake too.

Thank you to our timekeepers, mainly Hazel, Cathy, Shane's proud parents and his girlfriend.

Go Mandurah Mannas!

Just keep swimming,

Capt'n Jen

Click here to read all the Results

(Thanks to Ivan and budding Club Photographer Richie for the photos. Richie may need to give Ivan lessons on using a selfie stick!)

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