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Our Hard Core Swimmer!

Who amongst us is tough enough to be up for a solo swim at Doddi's on a cold, showery and blustery winter's day?

Apparently, only Jan - no doubt the hardiest Manna of all and deserving of her "HCS" status.

The option of:

A. Warm coffee in Dome; OR

B. Solo swim in atrocious conditions

was a no-brainer for our Jan.

Of course she chose the latter and basked in the glory of having 2 Spotters and the Hot Showers all to herself. Well done Jan!

In disturbing news, apparently before Jan arrived and unbeknownst to her, another (unnamed) Manna had wilted to the influence of a subversive element of the Club and skedaddled into Dome. This unnamed Manna only appeared, somewhat sheepishly, after spotting Jan enjoying a well earned hot shower (before making his short walk home!).

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